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    Over the past 10 years of operation, the HLV Arts team is growing and asserting its role in creating and improving the cultural and spiritual life, and a friendly working environment.

    The Van Nghe HLV Team was established with the enthusiastic and friendly participation of young men and women from all parts of the Company. Participating in practice and performance, you have many opportunities to show different talents such as singing, dancing, acting, catwalk, martial arts, … both soft and skillful.

    At the annual events of the company such as Year-end Party, Summer Tourism, Company Establishment Anniversary … the music team practiced hard to give the employees of the company full of eye-catching and inspirational performances. animal.




    Not only performing in internal events, the HLV performance team also participates in art shows organized by the Trade Union of Ha Nam Industrial Park and always achieves high achievements. The HLV’s young people are not only professional, but also very talented and enthusiastic artists:



    Cultural activities, sports have become a beauty in the internal culture of the HLV, whether at work or when participating in collective activities, each HLV member always thinks “If you want to go fast, you should go alone. , if you want to go far, go together “. What are you waiting for? Join & become a HLV member to have a chance to experience these wonderful things.

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