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    What do you usually do after hours? Hurry to come home to cook, pick up children, and join friends and colleagues to hang out at some ice tea shops or gather some of the top snail shops in the industrial park?

    Have you ever stopped to ask why I turn around in the afternoons every day, why don’t I do something more useful? The Covid-19 pandemic is exploding everywhere, the Government is advocating to avoid crowding in public places, does the fact that we gather, eat, drink, increase the risk of infection or not? Every day, you are crazy about the Company, do you feel bored with housework, you want to find a moment to rest? Want to go to the gym to improve your health, but do not have much time and cost more to rent locations, equipment, hire PT,….

    With the viewpoint: Each healthy individual will create a healthy and sustainable development HLV team as well as understand the aspirations of the employees, the Board of Directors of Honda Lock Viet Co., Ltd. Nam has considered and decided to build a modern, clean and beautiful gym for all employees in the Company.

    Not only building a spacious modern gym, but at the HLV’s gym, the staff also received enthusiastic support from professional instructors with many different subjects such as weight lifting, dancing. beams, waist vibrations, table tennis, spot jogging, spot cycling, …

    On July 31, 2020, the HLV GYM Room was put into operation, present in the opening day with the presence of the company’s General Director Mr. Ishizaka Yoshinobu and the Managers and a large number of employees. staff with a cheerful, excited face. Hopefully the Training room will be an interesting and useful destination for all the staff of the HLV.









    Since there is no need to spend money, the brothers at the HLV still have a spacious place to practice to improve their health every day, come to the gym to get a beautiful, charming body and talk together. share the joys of life and work.

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